I like to think I have an established relationship with Lauren of @causticsoda now and for the 3rd ‘crochet community of the world unite’ project I was right back asking her for help. She’s the easiest person to collaborate with, she magically just writes patterns for teeny weeny little flowers and they end up looking exactly like they should. An added bonus is that people can follow them, even me!

@knitsforlife and @alexcreates made the #icord stems. Paperwhite contributions came from @hijennybrown @hackneymac @nallieradloff @sybssybille @jausten1775 @yarnovernewyork @westykazz @yarngardener @arja_miraculicious @yarnbombingbruxelles @suregal27 @haitchchamp @thelizflynn @tone_b @hejackisej @flower_child_ritz @sidselmichelsen @racheffs @madebylondon Julie Graham and Linda from Brick. Out of 247 crochet and knitted flowers I only made 13 but my role is really in pulling it all together at the end. A small team of us met in December to sew small groups of flowers together. It took me a couple of weeks to work on layout (Lauren always helpfully on the end of the phone for dilemmas) and then sewing those pieces into place. Early January we were ready to install and along with Lauren I had AJ and Perry to help tie on with small white cable ties and yes, it was raining and cold.

We are delighted with the result. It was hard work and sometimes these projects happen during the tough times we’re going through. I’m now almost 6 months pregnant (with twins) and yarnbombing is getting harder. For my first trimester Sept/October I could hardly bring myself to pick up my hook. But besides me, many of those that contributed have been through a lot and this project helped to distract, give hope and feel that we are connected to others right when the last thing we need is to feel alone.

I am blessed to have this community of crocheters around me, on instagram, Facebook and twitter. I know this paperwhite yarnbomb has blessed many many people already and I’m proud to have been part of it.

One thought on “Paperwhites

  1. Your work is incredible…thank you for sharing! Twins?? wow…enjoy every moment and nap as much as you can (my only motherly advice 😉 ).

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