Crochet a Crocus

Its been a while since I worked in collaboration with others but when I decided to do a field of crocus for spring it seemed the perfect opportunity to ask for help. Lauren @caustic soda designed a pattern for me to share. As a free-form fiber artist the thought of writing patterns for others to follow makes me shudder. By the deadline I had 19 contributors from Europe and US and for those who follow instagram here they are: @venusdeathtrap @annorgel @swall24@hijennybrown @hackneymac @haitchchamp@knitsforlife @londonkayecrochet @jausten1775@yarnbombingbruxelles @ililxkitty@yarnbombingbruxelles @leehaa @atomicyoghurt @lyndseygillett Becky Dawson & Tanya and MAJOR thanks to @causticwear @kristen_buchholz and @mz.iz for helping to install.

Seeing them all together was quite overwhelming and I was quite moved as I stood back to capture it. But after 2 hours of -9c it was time to head home, thaw out and post images on Instagram!!

And of course there’s a poem…


by: Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

In blue and yellow from its grave springs up the crocus fair, and God shall raise those bright blue eyes,those sunny waves of hair. Not for a fading summer’s morn, not for a fleeting hour, but for an endless age of bliss, shall rise our heart’s dear flower.

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