New Years Eve Poinsettia

Happy New Year! What a year it’s been. This time last year I was still in the UK wondering how much longer it was going to take to get our visas. I love New York, I love East Harlem, I love the opportunities life is throwing at me daily and the fun there’s still to be had. Big changes for me this past year and more to come.

The poinsettia is the traditional Mexican christmas flower, just a couple of days late.

Ode to the Poinsettia by Albert Price

Across the lowly equator they have flown,

The days of sweltering heat and butterflies.
And the poinsettia shows all it green display,
Without the brightness of its yellow eyes.
Looking forward to the Holy Night,
When in blazing bracts it is born anew.
Celebrating the Holy Advent of our Savior,
With its hypnotizing ruby red debu
The gift of sight to the spiritually blind,
Who have spent a season in a green spell,
With hearts awaiting the honored return,
Of the joyful sound of the silver bell.
The summer has been hot and dreary,
With little love for the heart to desire.
But come November of every autumn,
Our spirit yearns for the Yule Fire.
As the flaming bracts don their glowing style,
The babe’s eyes shine with nascent light.
With such beauty to nurture its first vision,
It makes the joy bells ring right through the night.


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