Street Food Market Yarnbomb

The Crosby town team put in a special request so with a 2 week deadline we got to work. Luckily we were able to re-use some of the pieces from the Love yarnbomb and I put a request out and squares were dropped off at Tilly Mint and some even came through the post. We managed to cover 19 out of the 23 trees in the village (hope no one notices).

Thanks to my partner in crime Start Loose along with Woolcraft group at the Dunningsbridge Centre, Elizabeth Jones, Irene Ford, members of St Lukes Church, Ali Tilly Mint, Barbara, Heather, Hazel and Anne and the PeaceableYarnArmy for knitting pieces and helping to install.

Once again the response was fantastic and we even got a bouquet of flowers as a thank you from the town team and free mid-installation (11pm) refreshments from Blue Bar.

A month in and they’re still up looking fresh.



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