Love Love Love

Happy Valentines Day!

Sainsburys Roundabout, Crosby, Liverpool.

I’ve spent the past 2 months crocheting (no knitting done by me this time but a few donations from others. I seem to have left knitting behind now, finding crochet so much quicker and versatile but I may get shouted down for that).

I thought it would be nice to yarnbomb the roundabout up towards the village in time for Valentines Day. Its nice to have a deadline. Thanks to Lyndsey aka Start Loose for helping me install it, which took over 3 hours. Without her I would’ve been balancing up a very unstable 10ft ladder alone.

I’ve only been in Crosby for 6 months and there is a real (much needed) regeneration going on amongst local shop owners, local residents and there are some fantastic shops/restaurants around.

So I thought I would test the yarnbomb waters to see how Crosby would respond. The response has been overwhelming and local people have raved about it on Twitter and Facebook. I think the area is crying out for some more colour and perhaps even a bit more care, like creating some gardens amongst the wastelands and letting local community groups make use of some of the derelict properties.

As expected in less than a week the local council asked me to take the yarnbomb down due to concern for motorists causing accidents (whilst driving around it twice to get a good look). No hard feelings here, especially as I’ve been granted permission to do one in the village in a few weeks for the local farmers market.


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