Be it Bright…

I can’t help it now, I’m obsessed by bright colours. Hot pink features in almost all I do and black is creeping in. Maybe this is me defining my style. I loved doing the phone round the corner, it lasted a week, but I’m sure it gave some joy. I’ve discovered the best bakery in Liverpool #balticbakehouse in the Baltic Triangle area of the city centre and a whole room full of crochet/knitted plants. They have a knitting group that meet there, sour dough bread and knitting – oh I’m in heaven.  And my latest project SMILE is just finished, waiting to be installed, but I can’t find the right place. I don’t want it to get removed as I want to give it to L’Arche Liverpool to put up in their garden after its done a few weeks in public, so probably a local roundabout. This has been a trial in doing lettering and I love it so much as its so effective. I may do some blankets for the kids with their names on. And I definitely need to do a LOVE LOVE LOVE one. I’ll post something when I decide where to put my SMILE.

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