You can’t keep a good woman down

That’s what a friend wrote in response to a picture I posted on FB of some crochet flowers I’d hung on railings for passers by to take. I joined in with another worldwide sheepish yarnbomb. Little gifts for people to take, this time it was all floral and really nice to do something that people can take away for a change. But I went a bit further and decided the rusty pole at the end of the road by the primary school needed to be spruced up too.  Mum said I should ask the council for permission? Why would I do a silly thing like that? Defeats the point said my 10 year old.  She gets it!

So out I crept into suburbia at 6am and it was complete in 10 minutes. I felt a bit short-changed at first as most of the projects I’ve done have been so much bigger and I’ve gotten used to having a team to help install. However, its very pretty and hopefully cheering up the local kids in this miserable rain that just doesn’t stop.

I’m going to explore lettering next, crocheting in-situ possibly and moss graffiti too, look it up its such a simple idea but fantastic. I have plenty of time to think of ideas as I walk the dog everyday (in the rain) until I get some part-time office work. Frustratingly as most of my needles, hooks and wool are in storage waiting to be shipped to New York I’ve had to buy some more supplies so my fingers are itching as I wait for them to be delivered.  As my friend said, you can’t keep a good woman down and I love being back to my old tricks again.


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