Goodbye to Cambridge

One last project in Cambridge. The Cambridge Folk Festival Arts Team approached me about doing a piece for the festival.  So after having a scout around the site with them I decided on the ‘ticket tree’ by the entrance.

It took 3 months to crochet the pieces and put together (bear in mind I was also packing up my home) and installation/sewing took about an hour. Its 11ft high and 9ft wide. As a thank you my family were invited to attend the festival and we loved it. The Levellers, KT Tunstall, The Water Boys and much much more. The Arts Team have stored the tree cover for next years festival which was a massive compliment so look out for it.

So this was my goodbye to Cambridge.  Its’ been quite a fun and jam packed 2 years what with the WI, a bit of yarnbombing, and the general hum-drum of life with 2 kids and a husband at University. I think I did ok.

Where am I now….. back to my roots in Liverpool while we wait on our visa application to be processed. It could be a while so I’m scouting for ideas, although I think a #superlambbanana might be a bit too obvious….? Olek has already done 2 of the iron men at Antony Gormley’s Another Place (in 2012) down on Crosby Beach so I can’t do that. Watch this space….

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