I was invited to install a piece in the community by Columbus Amsterdam BID and the site I chose was the Anibal Aviles Playground. Magnolia will be up for up to one year.

In September a second piece will be installed on the same park fence. This piece will include contributions from the local community and I will hold workshops over the summer to teach crochet.

Anibal Aviles Playground is on W 108th between Amsterdam and Columbus.


…an outward expression of joy and happiness. it is the dream realized and enjoying every step of the way, seeing beauty and finding a reason to celebrate the simplest of joys.

I started the Hibiscus the day my daughter met the Pope when he visited her school in September 2015. Its taken me 17 weeks, the longest time I have spent on any of the flowers. Not because it was difficult but because life got in the way.

But here it is and friends Alex, Perry and Lauren came to help me sew it on as I’m banned from scaling ladders these days.

“An outward expression of joy…celebrating the simplest of joys.”